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The reason you can hold your piss for 10 hours.
#addictive #game #antisocial #fun #dragon
by sweet_sagittarius June 07, 2012
Text emoticon for "Heil Hitler!"
Person 1 in chat room: What are your opinions on white supremacy?

Person 2: |(O_O)---

Person 1: what does that mean?

Person 2: Heil Hitler! It's a person sticking their arm out in a hitler salute!

hitler nazi nazi salute NSDAP aryan
#hitler #nazi #nazi salute #aryan #heil hitler!
by sweet_sagittarius February 11, 2012
Being a caffeine addict and not having access to or means to procure caffeine. Usually followed by headaches, irritability, slight weakness, disorientation and possible sensitivity to light/sound.
"I ran out of coffee and I'm broke until the 15th, which is three days from now. I guess I'll be taking a little trip to caffeine hell, but on the third day I will rise again."
#caffeine #coffee #addict #tea #unpleasant
by sweet_sagittarius January 12, 2012
A salad that defeats the purpose of eating a salad by having large amounts of fatty ingredients such as cheese, bacon bits, and heavy dressing. Eaten by many Americans, who are used to overindulging.
I put tons of cheese, bacon, and dressing on my salad. It's no longer a healthy salad. It is now an American Salad.
#american #fat #overeating #overeat #overindulge #lardass
by sweet_sagittarius December 28, 2011
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