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What does Wal-mart and Catholic priests have in common???
They both have little boys pants half off...
by JesJesss July 20, 2005
185 170
A word used to describe sumthing funny, or when you are being scarcastic. Its usually used by fly girls, or townies and preps.
HA!! I just pushed that kid down the hill and he split his lip!!!

HAHA thats jokes!!
by Mackenzie May 13, 2004
117 106
a noun which means referes to something funny
1:the school is on fire!

a:lets put arsanic in the coffee it will be jokes
b: hehe jokes

I:...and thats why its called spotted dick
II:ahahaha you give me so much jokes
by ][D ][ ][\/][ ][D ][ ][\][ March 14, 2004
144 134
great word, use it all the time, meaning 2.funny, 1.cool, 1.sweet, or 3.suprised hilarity... well worth remembering
1. Other person: Safe, I havent seen u in a while, where have u been?
Me: I have been rock climbing, and getting wasted.
Other person: Jokes...

2. Dude that shit is JOKES!

3. Wow dude, check out the patterns on that piece of chocolate! NO DONT EAT IT!!!..... jokes, u fuckin eejut.
by KitSteel April 16, 2007
48 41
Another way of saying I was 'kidding' or 'just kidding'.
1. Jill: Happy Birthday Sarah!
Sarah: Uh, its not my birthday?
Jill: Oh, jokes!!

2. You look so terrible in that outfit... jokes, you look amazing!
by Very hot girl September 24, 2007
48 43
the state of mind in which everyone should exist.
"dude i just impaled a watermelon on a plastic sword!!" "thats tottaly j-okes!!!"
by Hershie October 16, 2003
4 3
The WNBA. (Women's National Basketball League)
Holy crap. The WNBA. What a freakin' joke.
by rip12345 December 04, 2007
156 156