a small or large bag, usually of the sealable sandwich bag variation, used to hold several dollars in change because the holder only has large bills or no other money at all.
dude, here's my Jew Bag for the booze, all I have is twenties
#change pouch #poor wallet #jew #bag #suitcase full of money
by maillion February 24, 2010
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An extremely selfish and greedy person. He or she doesnt necessarily have to be of the Jewish religion although if they are then that makes them even more of one.

Also, i think Borat references the term in Da Ali G Show or in the movie Borat but im not sure....
That guy is a fuckin jewbag, always greedy with his money
#jew #jewbag #greedy #jewish #borat
by shlubster November 24, 2011
cheap; selfish person
"C'mon just let me borrow five bucks and stop being such a jewbag."
by swiss February 14, 2005
A bag used during the holocaust to place the jews in.
"Go get the jewbag, Carlos, we got another one."
#jewbag #jew #bag #jew bag #holocaust
by _yo_wasup_ October 09, 2005
a derrogatory term for a jew
the rabbi is a jewbag
by urbankid February 21, 2005
an insult sometimes meant for sum1 of the jewish faith but also used to insult other people
guy1: dude ur a homo

guy2: shut up jewbag
by monte08 August 28, 2005
A greedy jew or a handful of greedy jews.
"You 3 jewbags have 10,000 dollars and won't give me a dollar" said billy
#jewbag #stupid #greedy #ugly #annoying
by Helloiseeu October 18, 2007
The bag of gold ALL jews wear around their neck.
Non-Jew "Give me your jew bag!"
Jew "What are you talking about?"
Non-Jew "You know what I am talking about! Give it now!"
Jew "No!"
Non-Jew *pulls out gun* "Give it now or I'll have to wash the blood off!"
#gold #jew #asshat #your mama #fuck
by mikeisreallygay May 31, 2006
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