a very beautiful woman
Julia :), she's a jewbag
by haalalallaawafw February 25, 2010
A term used to describe an individual with the following traits;
Sheisty, stingy, usually older balding men
The owner of the architectural sheet metal company made about 300,000 a year, but that damn Jewbag still wouldn't give a raise to the long tenured employees who made the money for him.
by Yota Man June 10, 2009
A person that has past the douchebaggery stage of being a 'jew' and has now reached the jewbag stage.

A person who is so full of jewishness that they may aswell just be a jew bag full of jew.
You fuckin' Jew Bag
by MrGolbs February 03, 2011
A person who will steal your money when you go to their house and spend it on a manicure. You have to take all of the money out of your wallet when you visit. They will steal all the cover when you sleep with them and freeze your ass off. They always eat the best parts of Moosetrack Icecream. Recognizable by a big jew star. They usually drive black honda accords.
STEPHANIE: WOW I am the World's BIGGEST Jewbag!

ZAC: I knoooooooooow.
by NONJEW October 01, 2009
A bag of jews.

A complete and utter retard or idiot.

Fucking dumbshit that does everything wrong.

A stupid ass pussy.
Nick is a fucking jewbag.

Danny is also a jewbag and does jewbag things that reminds me of teh jewsz.

I love jewbags?
by Luis the Wise January 21, 2008
A person who acts so Jewish, you want to put him in a bag and drown him.
God, don't be such a jew-bag.
by Vercingetorix April 15, 2005
It's like a Douche Bag, but Cheaper
Dustin's such a Jew Bag; he won a camera and then turned around and sold it to his work.
by Miss Sheen March 09, 2011
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