A bag of jews.

A complete and utter retard or idiot.

Fucking dumbshit that does everything wrong.

A stupid ass pussy.
Nick is a fucking jewbag.

Danny is also a jewbag and does jewbag things that reminds me of teh jewsz.

I love jewbags?
by Luis the Wise January 21, 2008
a bag where you keep the jews before you throw them into the fire
Todd: Is that the last jewbag?
Mike: No I think there is one more over there
Todd: Shit, better open up the furnace again
by imnotfuckingtelling October 15, 2008
a small or large bag, usually of the sealable sandwich bag variation, used to hold several dollars in change because the holder only has large bills or no other money at all.
dude, here's my Jew Bag for the booze, all I have is twenties
by maillion February 24, 2010
a bag similar to a potatoe bag that hitler used to carry jews around.
get me my fuckin jew bag. there are some jews at the mall!
by jim jackson May 28, 2008
jewbags means that a person is bein jewish
same simmons and his sister are jewbags
by daniel adams September 30, 2006
A bag in which the Jews' store their Jew gold.
After lil David Goldbergstein found his first piece of Jew gold, his parents gave him his own Jewbag to store his gold.
by David Goldbergstein November 22, 2011
A person of follows the faith of Judaism, Jewbag is often used to discriminate one of such faith. Jewbag can also be used as an insult to someone who is not jewish.
From experience this term is often used in the gaming world.
Person A: Oh my god dude, your such a jewbag!
Person B: What the hell man, why?
Person A: Because you freakin' team-killed me you noob!
Person B: Oh sorry dude!
by Muffin_Man October 22, 2009

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