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A greedy jew or a handful of greedy jews.
"You 3 jewbags have 10,000 dollars and won't give me a dollar" said billy
#jewbag #stupid #greedy #ugly #annoying
by Helloiseeu October 18, 2007
To cut someone's botton penis off with braces giving them a huge circumscion.
Billy screamed in pain when Jill corn on the cobbed him.
#corn on the cob #pain #dick chunks #marshall #yum yum chewy dick
by Helloiseeu October 18, 2007
Its when a man sticks his erect penis up another man's anus and spins it around.
Other meatspins include in the month and in the bellybutton.
Used once in the Dead or alive song.
Johnny screamed in pain as he was getting meatspinned.
#meatspin #yummy #cody #pain #dead or alive
by Helloiseeu February 05, 2008
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