jewbags means that a person is bein jewish
same simmons and his sister are jewbags
by daniel adams September 30, 2006
A person of follows the faith of Judaism, Jewbag is often used to discriminate one of such faith. Jewbag can also be used as an insult to someone who is not jewish.
From experience this term is often used in the gaming world.
Person A: Oh my god dude, your such a jewbag!
Person B: What the hell man, why?
Person A: Because you freakin' team-killed me you noob!
Person B: Oh sorry dude!
by Muffin_Man October 22, 2009
someone who wants five bucks
"give me my five bucks back jewbag"
by Rollovercat September 28, 2007
An extremely cheap person who goes to ridiculous extents to not spend money.
Person A: Did you see that guy in Goodwill switching the cheap tags to the more expensive stuff ?

Person B: Yeah, what a jewbag
by AP2010 January 02, 2010
Someone who gets everything from there parents.
Jack: Yo Andrew, I just got an Xbox One. My parents got it for me.
Andrew: I don't give a shit, You Jew Bag.
by BigFatBootyBoy June 13, 2014
When a jew uses their nose to t-bag someone
Declan used his nose to Jew-bag your mom
by Fucking jesus July 31, 2012
a big nosed jew one who prefers MANASS over the female butt.
whats up jewbag did u get manass in the portopotty
by lebjew November 28, 2006
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