A person who is acting in a greedy fashion.
Stop being a "Jew Bag", you big nose mother fucker
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008
a jew that is being really annoying and wont shutup about his sinuses infection and congestion. and his bar'mitzvah and an annoying fag.
Guy 1: Dude, gimme some chips Mr. Goldberg!
Guy 2: No, these are my fucking chips!
Guy 1: Come on, give me the chips!
Guy 2: No.
Guy 1: God, your such a fucking jewbag.
by Little Laddam Adam March 03, 2007
A stupid jew....what else is there to say.
Your such a jewbag.

You suck, you freakin jewbag.

I didn't know tots could be such a jewbag.
by C-Mitch September 02, 2005
| joo bag |
1. noun, adjective. someone who screws over another person on an extreme level.

2. verb. the action of tea-bagging a jew or someone of jewish descent.
1."Vik is a fuckin jewbag."
2. "i jewbagged that broad."
by vibe0ne January 06, 2009
a person that is very stingy about there money or personal belongings
1) Colby give me a penny! No i'm saving them all up. "You Jewbag!"
2) Erik what are you doing? "Picking up a penny from the sidewalk. These things add up after awhile." "Why are you such a Jewbag man."
by blake4 March 10, 2009
A fuckin jew!!!
Jim: I need a penny
Nick: No, i need it
jim: You jewbag
by mike sexman July 10, 2008
A derogatory term for someone who is being really cheap or selfish.
That fucking dude Mako is such a jewbag, he won't eat out unless he has a coupon. Brodie was a jewbag yesterday, he ate my lunch instead of buying his own.
by chris oak September 26, 2008

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