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An extremely selfish and greedy person. He or she doesnt necessarily have to be of the Jewish religion although if they are then that makes them even more of one.

Also, i think Borat references the term in Da Ali G Show or in the movie Borat but im not sure....
That guy is a fuckin jewbag, always greedy with his money
by ShLuBsTeR November 24, 2011
cheap; selfish person
"C'mon just let me borrow five bucks and stop being such a jewbag."
by swiss February 14, 2005
A bag used during the holocaust to place the jews in.
"Go get the jewbag, Carlos, we got another one."
by _yo_wasup_ October 09, 2005
a derrogatory term for a jew
the rabbi is a jewbag
by urbankid February 21, 2005
an insult sometimes meant for sum1 of the jewish faith but also used to insult other people
guy1: dude ur a homo

guy2: shut up jewbag
by monte08 August 28, 2005
A greedy jew or a handful of greedy jews.
"You 3 jewbags have 10,000 dollars and won't give me a dollar" said billy
by Helloiseeu October 18, 2007
The bag of gold ALL jews wear around their neck.
Non-Jew "Give me your jew bag!"
Jew "What are you talking about?"
Non-Jew "You know what I am talking about! Give it now!"
Jew "No!"
Non-Jew *pulls out gun* "Give it now or I'll have to wash the blood off!"
by mikeisreallygay May 31, 2006