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UwU or uwu is another way of typing the smiley face :3, TwT or twt. it means happy, like an anime character's face when they're overjoyed.
Wow, that makes me so happy! uwu
by hyruleinbed August 16, 2012
UwU (or uwu) is a version of the text-faces ":3" or "^w^", however it can be seen as condescending/smug.
Tom: Hey Mike, how's it going?
Mike: Great! I just finished my essay for Mr. Lehrermann's class.
Tom: I haven't even started yet.
Mike: C'mon man, it's easy!
Tom: Lol no, it's not. It's beans, dude.
Mike: I found it quite easy. uwu
by Nalyd Enash January 17, 2016
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