one of the best bands ever, with the most meaningful music around!!
His Infernal Majesty
HIM kicks ass!!!!!!!!!
by Jacqui January 05, 2005
HIM are a cracking band with loads of talent and a kind of unique sound (mainly due to Villie Valo's deep voice).

Many of their songs are contradicting in themselves (e.g. "Razorblade Kiss" and "Sweet Pandemonium") but they work very well indeed.

They are the best band on Earth and even in the universe unless some bacteria on Mars have produced a better band. You never know!!!!
They are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Gertrude Benilthwait January 24, 2004
A finnish "love metal" band,fronted by the god-like Ville Valo. Recently taken upon by 13 year old TRL watching fangirls,thanks to that n00b Bam Magera. Also have a symbol called the Heartagram which ,again, has been stolen by that n00b Bam Magera.
I like HIM,for me they're like the European Bon Jovi.
"Oh,I love HIM" sighed the sixteen year old goth/crustie as she listened to Buried Alive By Love by HIM.
by bandanasarerad October 21, 2006
this deffinition is Plain,Simple,Short and Sweet....."THE BEST BAND EVER!!!"
just listen to any of thier albums...Greatest Love songs Vol.666 is my favourite album and Gone With the Sin is my favorite Song.Not that its that easy to pinpoint any piece of thier art specifically,its all beautiful.but thats my personal preferance.
by Erin February 22, 2005
Another word for that chronic. Cuz we all know HIM is the shit.
You all wanna get a sack of HIM?
by Recx October 01, 2006
fuckin ace band with a sexxxxxy front man! yerrr mate
they fukin rule!
by Penny March 22, 2004
See Heartagram. Finnish "Love Metal" group.
Do you like him?
by Rakeyohn December 09, 2003
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