HIM aka His Infernal Majesty is the and I mean the greatest band ever. HIM has one hot lead singer and his name is Ville Valo and the only reason why he smokes alot while he's singing is to make his voice stronger. And HIM is Bam Margera's favourite band of all time.
Greatest Band List.....
1. HIM
by VampireHeartForever April 20, 2007
A finnish band that's been around for a while and is fronted by Ville Valo, who may not be the greatest lyricist in the world, but certainly isn't the worst. I say we cut him a break. He is Finnish after all. They've become overwhelmingly popular thanks to Bam Margera exploiting them. And now twelve year olds think that they're goths since they heard them on MTV. I like HIM. People think that they're too cool for HIM and have never given them a chance. They're musical elitists. They make the world more difficult because they have nothing better to do than bash your musical taste.
HIM isn't overwhelming original.

Musical Elitist: Ew! You like HIM?? Your so lame! They suck! Oh my god! Your so lame!! YOuR SO dUmB! What coorporate sell outs!! blah blah blah blah!!!

Person: Well I still like them. Why do you even care?

Musical Elitist: Uh........Because they suck!! Listen to some REAL music that everyone else in this underground society I dabble with on occasion listens to. Because that way, you can rebel from mainstream socity but you still don't have to really form your own ideas or become your own person!

Person: I'll have to ask you to leave.
by Sadda July 19, 2006
A character from the most fucked up show out today, Wonder Showzen. Not exactly the brightest bulb, Him speaks in third person and takes cooties sores off of his friends to sell as snack treats and line his own pockets. Likes to do the Animal Dance.
Him: Him think you look better than him ever seen you. (while speaking to Wordsworth who is laying in bed dying of cooties)

(Him eats a Cootie sore off of Wordsworth)
Wordsworth: Him, those are contagious!
Him: Contagiously...Delicious!

BTW, keep an eye out for Pizzalicious Chewties, coming soon!!!
by Destructive Criticism July 04, 2005
HIM/H.I.M - A shitty band from Finland whose music consists of shitty instrumentals and crappy lyrics, that occasionally slaughters a classic song with a shitty cover of it. I honestly don't see why all these kids jizz themselves over them.
1.1 Is it just me, or are all of these instrumentals the same?
1.2 WTF! HIM just slaughtered 'Don't Fear the Reaper'!
1.3 Wow, that kid over there must have a scat fetish with the way he's whacking it to HIM's shitty music.
HIM (His Infernal Majesty) is a band that originated in Finland in the mid-late 90's first breaking ground mostly in places such as Europe and Germany. Their music would be best defined as "gothic" but the band has rather labeled themselves "Love Metal", because, as lead singer Ville Valo puts it, they sing love songs, and their music is metal.

HIM finally broke US grounds in April 2004. They are undoubtadly one of the greatest bands around today.
I have no example?
by mandarinspyce April 16, 2004
Is an amazing finnish band with lead singer Ville Valo. Love the album deep shadows and brilliant highlights. kicks ass. HIM is a goth band. My favorate band.
love metal
by D April 17, 2004
one of the best bands ever, with the most meaningful music around!!
His Infernal Majesty
HIM kicks ass!!!!!!!!!
by Jacqui January 05, 2005

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