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a cool little word that is very enjoyable to say. neato can mean "wow, that was really cool!" or "awesome" or it can just be a neato way to say 'neat'.
you:look orange socks!
by your name here April 29, 2004
466 76
a better way to say neat or cool or any other such adjective

Possibly the coolest word in the entire world. say it with me... neato

Nick Andreason and Zack Johnson are neato
by Cecil the one eyed diesel February 12, 2006
167 70
Something cool, nifty, or keen.
That scooter you have sure is neat-o.
by hans blix September 21, 2003
71 9
cool and freakin awsome and nifty and swell
Alec Smith is super neat-o
by Schmitty! February 26, 2007
17 7
Alec Smith is freakin neat-o!
by Alec Schmitty March 04, 2007
2 14
To be really cool in a gay way.
I was playing a video game and did I have these neat-o cheat codes.
by Peña May 11, 2004
27 42