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The name of a girl who tends to be nice to nearly everyone but won't share any problems about herself and is very dedicated to whatever she does.
Also likes to make sure everyone knows that you spell her name with a 'K'.
"That Kourtney is really nice, but I wish I knew more about her."
by anonymous1573 June 15, 2008
1. the act of being short, witty, intelligent, stubborn, loving, and damn sexy.
" I can barely restrain myself when she's Kourtneying like that! "
by jumrowne August 27, 2008
Very similar to a Courtney.
A woman who is known for being curious. She is good at organizing things. She is a loyal and trustworthy friend. She is very bubbly and bright. She is well liked by everyone who gets to know her. People are also extremely jealous of her. She is beautiful inside and out. One who is easy to fall in love with but impossible to let go. She is funny, exciting, and enthusiastic. Kourtney has an amazing personality that appeals to every person fortunate enough to meet her. Her eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness.

2. Another word for perfection.

3. God's most precious and wonderful angel.
Kourtney is an incredible human being. Get to know her, she is the reason I believe in love
by Jakerss June 22, 2010
An amazing friend.
A girl who cares for everyone.
Someone always there for you.
A person who will share her life with you.
Kourtney tends to love needles.
And possibly blood. But that doesnt stop us.
She is an amazing person.

Three 'k's to go with her amazing name.
I love my kourtney. <333
Me: aww how're you babe?
Kourtney: im alright. a bit sick though =S
Me: Mwah , a kish better.
-kourtney blushes-
by Teddie Bear. February 07, 2009
Kourtney is a very pretty kind of girl who dont take no crap off no one.
shes always a deep thinker and thinks about how she could make life better and how to forget about others in the past.

She tries her best to be kind to everyone but not always gets it right,Kourtney is a very funny/crazy/dumb girl,but most people love her anyway!

Kourtney is very attractive and is loveable
by DanceQueen January 15, 2014
A amazing girl with beautiful brown eyes.. Roughly 5"8 and extremely good looking.

Is not too good at checkers though :P
Person 1: "Did you see that hot girl over there?"
Person 2: "Yeah shes hot but not nearly as hot as Kourtney."
by Typo* February 13, 2010
Some one who every one wants to get to know.
She's so alluring. Shes such a Kourtney.
by funnamesandstuff August 19, 2013

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