finlands gothic rock band. front man villie valo known for his deep voice due to his constant smoking
dude i got the Love Metal Album it kicks ass
by Hym May 26, 2003
THE BEST BAND EVER!!! sex in a bowl, sex on toast and sex on legs!!! More like...What isn't HIM?!??! Gertrude isnt because she is an idiot. Thanks for your time bitches bye
All of the above... and more
by Sexysexymothermother March 02, 2005
Used to indicate someone you are very much interested in. You let all of your friends know who "him" is and then when your in public you can refer your crush to "him"
I want him soo bad!!
by Emily McDermott July 02, 2005
HIM does not stand for His infernal majesty that was a whole different band ville valo said it himself
HIM r0x0rzz mah b0x0rzzzz
by termite March 16, 2004
H.I.M. is also an abbreviation for History In the Making. A term used a lot in hip-hop to describe an artist that is about to blow up.
Brotha 1: Yo, you heard of dat lil nigga down the block?
Brotha 2: Chea dat nigga is H.I.M. , he bout to blow for real!
Brotha 1: No doubt, when dat nigga gets a deal he gonna buy me a Caddy!
by BlackJesus2006 July 15, 2006
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