True love blues black metal band
What is your favourite HIM song?
by Veiled October 13, 2004
A band my mom is obsessed with. She's seen them in concert twice; once this year with my aunt on November 17, 2005, and once with my brother that is in the Navy that I miss very much, last November, 2004.
November 22, 2005:

Mom) YAY! Today Ville Valo turns 29!


Mom) SO! I cant wait till Mige, Linde, Gas Lippstick, and (I forgot the other guy)"the keyboard player"!

by Young Gothic Rocker Chic November 26, 2005
A band made famous by accidental association with a man famous for falling off skateboards and doing other stupid stuff to his body and his mates. Fronted by an androgynous simpleton who is only popular because Brian Molko of Placebo had disappeared for a while and millions of rebellious "goth" schoolgirls needed a new womanly-looking-man to fawn over and pretend that they were lesbians... Because hey, this guy looks like a chick and I fancy him, it must be because he looks like a chick so therefore I'm a lesbian/bisexual even though I've never done/will never do more than kiss another girl!
It is not physically possible to like HIM and also like bands like Metallica, Cradle of Filth, or any other band that's actually decent!
by Stefanael March 08, 2005
An ALRIGHT finnish metal band. Claims to front a new genre they call 'Love Metal' which really is just Gothic Pop Metal. There are many rumors as to what HIM actually stands for, most believe its His Infernal Majesty, but they're wrong; HIM isn't an acronym. The vocalist is Ville Hermanni Valo, the guitarist is Linde Lazer, the bassist/back up guitarist is Mige Amour, the...ah fuckit this band isnt great enough for me to bother listing the members.
For a band that has such cheesy song titles as 'your sweet 666' and 'Buried alive by love' it's amazing that HIM has the nerve to insult Manowar(a clearly better band).

by Armads January 14, 2006
HIM is an overrated supposed 'goth metal' band from Europe. Their lyrics consist of the terms 'love', 'death' and '666' over and over again. Once you have heard one song, you've heard them all. The music itself isn't all that bad, but the repetitive lyrics and dull voice of Ville Valo make it almost unbareable to stand.
Also - Ville Valo - he is not sexy or 'the most beautiful man in rock and roll'. He cannot write, nor does he have good looks. For god sakes, HIS TATTOO IS DISGUSTING :)
HIM also equals the European Simple Plan. Both have watered down repetitive lyrics, an ugly lead singer with annoying voices and a constant need to favour the lead singer in almost all photoshoots possible.
HIM fan: HIM is the greatest band ever. Their lyrics are amazing!
HIM hater: Name one song that doesn't use 'love' 'death' or '666' in it.
HIM fan: ...uhh....
by Jennifer/Gennafer December 21, 2004
A crappy band with no talent. A discrase to all humans.
H.I.M Should die, pretty quick. Just shut up...i hate h.i.m.
by Jeanette October 09, 2004
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