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To be extremely suave and or charming, often resulting in an exchange of phone numbers followed by repeated fornication. One who Harrisons women is often compared to Alfie, the famous british womanizer.
See that guy with all those girls? Damn they just got Harrisoned.
by Jack Sartori April 09, 2008
A fighting Messiah whose capabilities and ultra-human strength exceed those of any being, human or non human in nature. Harrison’s true identity and age is unknown though he takes on the form of a teenage male with blonde hair. He spends his time traversing planet earth, spending the majority of his time winning at everything. Outside of his supernatural physical abilities he also has the ability to control various elements with his mind. He can change the weather in his present environment and change migration patterns of animals by will. After voluntarily offering himself for medical research in 2001 it was discovered that he is capable of using 100% of his brain’s function and over 85% of his bodies muscle fibres. He is capable of re-generating after attaining wounds. He has fought against a number of menacing opponents such as Charizard, Alien, Predator, Neo from the Matrix, those capable of using the Buddhist Palm technique, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, all of whom have been mercilessly beaten.
Friend: Holy shit! I think I just saw Harrison!

Other friend: No way! What was he doing?

Friend: Winning! At everything!

Other friend: That sounds like Harrison
by Big_D_ January 21, 2009
To Be sexy,and awesome. One who likes to flirt, or likes to have hugs. Also likes chickens. One who is hungry most of his/her time.
Damn, now that's a Harrison.
by ChickenForever February 25, 2010
1. Adj. Amer.
A ferocious beast who can kill any person, at any time with any weapon, from nowhere near you in a video game.

2. Noun Amer. Fictional
In Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Lt Harrison is the leader of a small group of soldiers who are captured by the Japanese guarding the target, the Pistol Pete artilery. After destroying his targets, you and him try to escape. While escaping he is shot and gets stuck on a bridge he set a demo charge on. He will die on it unless you save him.

In muliplayer, he is an unstoppable machine who kills all of his enemies, up to 100 times.
Example 1
Player 1: Ah dude, that guy just killed me with a pisol from 1000 yards.
Player 2: Dude that guy is a Harrison for sure!

Example 2
Lt Harrison is a fictional character in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
by Jay Booler April 06, 2008
the aswomest dude in the world better better the all names including corey coz corey is a gay name
harrison is a awsomes name
by pielover August 09, 2008
A human-being with extreme super abilities.
A future leader. A past wish come true.
A present that was a gift from God.
A smile that can stop time. Harrison is guy that has charm built in his DNA. He attracts others like Magnets.
Whining Government: Oh no what will we do about the economy?
Rest of public: Harrison is keeping it going he is the guy with endless supply of effort. Harrison is the guy that will bring down the takers and birth the contributors.

Politician: Who can help us out of this situation?
Governor: Harrison has it under control, he is the man to go to.

Wife: I always wished for a angelic, handsome leader as a son.
Husband: Then you chose the right son to have:)

The volume of the women in the room grew soft, the batting eyelashes fluttered.Then a announcer introduced HARRISON. All the room could see was Harrison.

The party was slow quiet and very lathargic. People yawning. Harrison walked in and people gathered. The room grew in excitement. Dancing and laughter grew.Someone yelled NOW THIS IS A HARRISON. This is a Cool Party.

A happy motherof a GREAT son: I wish everyone could have a Harrison.
by fanofharrison February 11, 2010
Harrison -
Slang for marijuana, weed, skunk. Derrivies it's name from the old english 'There's no comparison to Johnny's Harrison' Can be used in conjunction with George (Harrison) indicating a spliff or Joint
Man, pass me that 'arrison, i need to make a george. I'm so arristoned
by Al Wood August 26, 2005
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