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A team known for having a superb fanbase despite 26 years of futility. The games are fun and the fans are funny. One day the Saints will get their come-up'ns.
1.When the Saints fire their owner and coach and QB they will smoke the NFC.
2.Deuce Mcallister, Saints HB is one of the best in the league. Nooch.
by Doombot July 08, 2004
As in New Orleans Saints, a Natonal Football League team from Louisiana , The Saints ROCK!, they recently won the 44th Super Bowl, and Drew Brees was named MVP of the year. (2010) The won against the Colt with all-star quarterback Peyton Manning with a lead of 14 points total. The winning touchdown made by Tracy Porter, won the Saints The 44th Super Bowl of 2010!!!
Who Dat!?!?!?!
The Saints!
by sexxyemopunk13 February 17, 2010
one who is almighty and well known
has unlimited contorl and power over others
one who thinks very highly of themselves
Dave-"How do yu know everyone, you're like a saint!"

Steve-"Yeah, im the stuff! "Everybody know me."
by St. Dfk James May 30, 2009
a saint a person of extreme patience.
your mama yelling at your azz, and your holding your tongue not trying to go off and cuss her out. you are a saint.

your boyfriend when he is willing to wait for sex when you have ben together over 2 years.he is a saint.
by wickitten May 29, 2011
1. A cigarette (joint) rolled with salvia, a potent psychedelic plant. Sometimes rolled as a mixture of salvia and marijuana for added effect.

2. A holy person.

3. Someone of virtue.
Guy 1: A kid rolled a saint last night and told everybody it was just a joint. I spent 7 lifetimes as a garden hose. It was like getting thrown into limbo from the movie Inception.

Guy 2: That kid's an asshole.
by José Bingo February 02, 2012
The name of a recording artist from West Phoenix.
"Saint puts it down for the hip-hop game!"

" If Willy Northpole gots the Southside, then Saint gots the West."

by FADE magazine April 08, 2009
An all-boys school in San Diego. Home to some of the biggest dicks and perverts in the area. amazing football team that could beat the cathedral catholic dons any day, any time, anywhere. same goes for basketball.
girl #1: hey look that guy is really hot! girl #2: of course he is. he attends saints.
by socalforeverandalways May 27, 2009
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