Derogortory word for Rugby. Man that is known to play Rugby does something stupid and is payed out on for doing so by insulting the sport that he plays.

*Warning copious amounts of running may be needed to aviod obliteration when using this term*
Man1 walks into a door and stubs his toe

Man1: Ouch thats so very painful

Man2 notices while walking by

Man2: GUMBY!

Man2 runs with Man1 coming close behind
by Stannas September 04, 2007
Naomi she is the biggest gumby ever
she walks into walls and appolagises to them then falls down the stairs and faceplants it, she is the gumby
by fat gumby January 25, 2006
somebody that has a severe problem between their brain and their like a paraplegic...drop things all the time...miss their nose and poke their eye...cant aim...unco-ordinated in a way that everybody sees that something is wrong, but dont know what it is...well its because theyre GUMBY
cant you catch the ball you gumby cunt:
hey that gumby chick tripped over her own feet:
i asked for body art and the gumby shit managed to blind me block my nose and paint my tongue with thinners, get the drift?
by stevo November 28, 2004
1. The Ultimate Evil.

2. An insult for someone who has done something unspeakably evil.
"Wow, throwing a bag of kittens into traffic. You're really Gumby in disguise aren't you?"
by Setlik0 May 29, 2008
The state of erection that is not quite hard, but not at all soft.
Example 1: "Dude I've been gumby for about sixteen minutes! I can't decide which way I want to go."

by Matthew Fratstar March 25, 2008
TO Gumby is when you are on top of a woman, (missionary style) while penetrating her. She reaches her hand behind you between your legs and gives you a slight but surprising tug on your balls.
After getting the Gumby i made her wash her hands
by Rick/Tyler December 11, 2006
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