Somebody who plays as the New Orleans Saints on Madden 11 yet is incapable of tackling Greg Jennings even when Jennings suffered a broken leg.
F*** you Gumby!
by OneOfTheMostBestOffenses January 24, 2011
A blowjob or any use of oral sex.
Dom: Yo, did you fuck Kyla?
Myke: No I just got a gumby
by poquito12674 March 18, 2010
a blowjob given by a woman/man with no teeth.
Jason's grandma gives great gumby
by tha killa October 23, 2003
A derogatory slang term used to describe heavy metal fans; particularly fans of the NWOBHM style and anything deemed classic metal, tap-esque or stonehenge-rock related. Range limited today to Finland (esp), Sweden, Norway, Germany and Eastern Europe.
1) Look at that gumby wank..ha ha.

2) Who likes Hawkwind, you gumby fuck?
by Soilent Pants October 17, 2003
Word used to describe home schooled kids. Nerdy and awkward but not exactly.
Heather is was homeschooled, she is nerdy. No she is gumby.
by WTFwasthat November 04, 2010
The act of sucking ones penis with the use of only your gums. If possible, the person performing the act can remove their teeth if they wear dentures.
Instead of giving me a blowjob, she pulled her teeth out and gave me a gumby
by mr.m@rcu$$$ April 02, 2010
When a persons gums are overly exposed when they smile.
" Hey...Gumby, where's Pokey?"
by kilrbunnie February 19, 2008

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