A silly or foolish person.
Gemma is such a gumby. She doesn't like ninjas!
by GemsAGumby September 16, 2010
Noun: The guy in a cougar relationship.

A young guy who goes for older ladies.
"Dude, look at that guy with that old cougar."

"Yeah, what a gumby"
by shew March 01, 2010
a limp penis, or a half boner
after watching bmevideo.com u will have a gumby
by dongzilla66in February 19, 2008
In the Canadian army a new recuit who's green beret has such an exaggerated peak for the cap badge that it makes him look like the Art Clokey claymation figure.
A gumby doesn't know his left foot from his right foot.
by billthecat January 12, 2010
Something considered to be off-beat or an unusual behavioral act.
That guys hair is gumby.
by Marko Siklich June 16, 2008
A tall, skinny person. Usually gangly.
"Who is he again?"
"The weird gumby one"
by Moonbeamblue March 30, 2007
Willingness to be flexible in the workplace; Pliable; Bendable.

Has a sidekick named Pokey.
When my manager called me into work while I was on vacation, I showed up and saluted saying "Gumby here reporting for duty, sir."
by Anonymous March 04, 2003

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