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This is a phrase that's become common in the London skating scene, and generally refers to new skaters who don't yet have much in the way of skating skills. Howvever, it's still possible for experienced skaters to make gumbie-esque mistakes too.
Despite the fact that he's been skating for 6 months now, he still skates like a total gumbie.
by Acidedge October 30, 2005
A dorky, or clumsy, or shy person. Like calling a person or yourself a gumbie is like making fun of their swag. like a person who is being a pussy about doing something like the example below.
bob: "Hey bro go talk to her!"

george: "na man, I'm to shy!"
bob: "why not?"

george: "I'm to shy! I just can't"
bob: "wow! bro you're such a Gumbie!"
george: "shut up!"
by D.M.P.A.C.T December 04, 2011
A large creature that resides in the realms of small room, eating large amounts of food substances and swears constantly. A gumbie will say fuck a total of 356 times per day.
I can hear something... - person 1
Don't worry, it's just Gumbie... he's hungry - person 2
by IrLul January 11, 2010
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