1. Random insignificant character who usually dies after their short fifteen minutes of obscurity

2. Green clay figure in a spiffy clay cartoon who stars with the ALMIGHTY SPIFFY BLOCKHEADS who will take over the world!!
1. There's lots of Gumbys in Gundam Wing, which incidentally has nothing to do with clay.
2. Don't step on Gumby.
by miso November 27, 2003
a half hard cock, noticebly aroused yet not a "full on" stiffie
He had a gumby from watching the girl undress. When she was finshed he was sporting a full hard-on
#half hard #softie #half mast #al dente #bendy
by G-licious December 16, 2005
A man wearing a kerchief hat and talking very loudly. Not very bright.
by Dark Cid February 23, 2004
one who has no spine, eg. Gray Davis
Well, they finally threw Gumby out of office.
by Levi October 08, 2003
name for an idiot that gets gum stuck in their hair.
holy shit theres fucking gum in his hair, what a bitch! lets call him gumby
#idiot #moron #retard #stupid #mading
by air mading August 21, 2006
Why You dont No who that is, its ME!!!!!
hello my name is Gumby
#hello #my #name #is #gumby
by G Teamer November 28, 2005
Someone with no ass
by Patsy June 28, 2003
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