n. alcoholic beverage

refers to the rubber-like movements exhibited by an intoxicated person
Let's sneak out to the parking lot for some gumby.
by gumby March 07, 2005
A skinny-ass, whiny mouthed, cum-swallowing biznatch, with an addiction to fisting his own asshole.
"What the fuck Gumby, pass the fucking ball, stop ruining our entire fucking rugby team!"
by Gunt October 17, 2004
An Inbread, an ear licker... ever been to Ripon? You will know what i mean, a very "uncomfortably close community"
Don't go to Ripon - it's full of Gumbys
by Adz November 21, 2003
testicle. pl. gumbies.

Derived from conversation I had with friend wherein his nuts were hanging out the side of his cut-offs. His girlfriend said "Hey, your gumbies are hanging out!" To which I replied, "So's your pokey!

Lame reference to claymation hero and horse-ish partner.
"My gumbies were slapping her ass so hard it made my brain hurt."
by H2OLemming November 02, 2004
One whom owns a TS Server, and has a skill level above all others.
Gumby from the OTF.
by Jesus July 28, 2003
Kick-ass claymation cartoon from long ago! It's about this strange clay boy and his clay horse who goes around doing stupid things. They sometimes save people, they sometimes save each other, or they just BS around doing nothing.

It's no longer showing, I believe, but when it did, it was one of the funniest shows around! Especially when you watch it as an adult.
Gumby is the clay equivalent of a PCP-addicted teenager.
by BusinessMan February 06, 2005
Person wearing a knotted hankerchief on his head, glasses, a Hitler-style moustache, rolled up trousers and suspenders. Liable to brain hurting.
"My brain hurts!"
by Wormy March 28, 2004
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