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to screen a call is to look at the caller ID of an incoming call and decide whether or not to answer it.
to have your call screened is similar to being side buttoned
mary: hey your phone's ringing who is it?
sven: (looks at phone) oh my gawd it's my cokehead ex.
mary: eeww you don't want to talk to him. screen that shit.
sven: yeah no kidding. (presses ignore) scrrrrrreenin that!
by burntsiena September 12, 2005
In weed terms, a screen is a metal or glass filter designed to let smoke through and keep ash out.
Use screens with a pipe or a bong.
by GodSend222 July 11, 2008
Screening is the act of deliberately ignoring a phone call, often for days on end.

See Also: side-buttoning
:While calling someone: This is the fifth time i've called Nick, and this is the 5th time his ass has screened me.
by aaron December 17, 2007
what you`re spending way too much time looking at.
-Hey, wanna watch some porn on my new 19' screen?
-Yeah, Cool!
by Schteen May 20, 2003
Television(s) in your vehicle.

Falling- Hanging from the ceiling.
Popped Up - Motorized in-dash
Rested- Mounted in the Headrest
That boy got them screens falling.
by 4th Ward GoGetter November 05, 2003
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