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To be ripped off by an Asian.
Nip Su Ping slanted me on that key of coke!

Those fucks at magic wok slanted me on my chow mein.
by Zapp brannigan January 25, 2013
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to go beyond basic intoxication...
"I was wasted but now i'm slanted!"
by Maggie January 21, 2004
to shit your pants in a way that the shit's weight causes your pants to slant at an angle.
1: dude i slanted my pants at the golf game!
2: did anyone notice the 90 degree angle in your pants?
1: i hope not!
by juggernog March 11, 2011
Being completely and utterly badass; one of the coolest things you have ever seen
"Matt is so handsome, he is slanted."

"Dude, that car is so slanted."
by The Pear January 09, 2013
Another meaning for being drunk or stoned, such as wasted,leanin, smackked, & bent.
2Kan- Damn boy that arty was poppin lat night

Peenut- You was feelin right ?

2Kan- I was type slanted 5
by Benny Magz November 18, 2010
adj: homosexual
your so slanted!
by minh April 12, 2004

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