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A cool green guy from an old 'claymation' TV show. He is made of clay.
"Oh no, Gumby! We have to save him!"
by unknown October 16, 2003
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Someone with little or no co-ordination or common sense and lacks any talent or potential to do anything but fuck everything up.
i cant believe you just destroyed all life on earth. all i asked you do was flush the toilet! your such a gumby!
by Scotty March 21, 2004
someone or something abnormal, uncoodernated and silly. probably incabable of doing simple actions like thorwing a ball or just walking without making a fool of themsleves.
walking into a wall and then appolagising to the wall
tripping over nothing but air
falling up the stairs
thinking emus are soon going to take over the world
in reaction to any of these happening onlookers would say: what a gumby!
by FaT GuMbY October 17, 2006
A stage for the male penis in between a soft limpless penis and a rock hard one. It doesnt stick straight out and flops around like the t.v. character gumpy. Therefore it shall be gumby.
I am so glad that my boner went away during gym class, the only thing i had was a gumby which isn't too bad.
by danibee May 18, 2006
a tall squared and slanted haircut (from the name of a character who has such a shape of head)
Dude, what's whith the gumby?
by Light Joker March 29, 2007
1.A hair style originated from an green claymation character. 2.A hair stlye that sort of resembles a flat top but leans to either the left or right,commonly mistakin for the slop which gadually gets longer from the back to the front.
Also seen in the movie juice with Tupac, (he had a serious gumby in that movie. Also seen worn by R&B/RAP artist from the early 90's
guy1: i think its time for hair cut son..
guy2: true
guy1: i'm a get the gumby yo!
guy2: man that shit is wack son!
by riverside October 25, 2005
A person incapable of displaying competence.
My manager put the spoons in the holder wrong- Again! He's such a flipping gumby!!!
by SammyDresden September 30, 2010
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