Otherwise known as EVIL.
by chordophone April 03, 2013
Live spelled backwards... I.E all humanity is evil.
We are evil, because we were born into sin....
by Soulstrike January 15, 2006
A snarky sarcastic Chemistry teacher who enjoys torturing students
Mr. Robar is evil.
by NelonBelle September 26, 2013
Synonymous with good. As is wicked.
Yo nick, turn the music up it's proper evil, init?
by Robat October 22, 2007
What we all have inside of us.
We are all made of evil
by chocobo chaser February 02, 2005
an adjective used to describe a person, act or thing of great brilliance, whose brilliance is usually obtained and furthered thanks to an element of craziness, daring, or risk taking that goes alongside the brilliance.
'such an evil night.'

'we crashed a party and ran from the cops. so very evil.'
by the evilest December 13, 2010
A label applied by many about another person, specifically about that persons morals. This label when applied to anyone is then often used to pursue ones personal goals by punishing the individual labeled as evil, most prominently by spreading wide and far that the person is evil. There are many ways to apply this label, and it is 99 percent of the time mislabeled, due to the clause that whomever wins, regardless of who they are, writes history. It doesn't take a genius to see the problem there.

In reality, evil is simply defined as an act most prominently marked with only personal gain, and not gain of the society.
The many evil acts of the religious churches including, but is not excluded to: Christian, Catholic, Islamic
by SwordsL8 August 08, 2010
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