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The high king of indie.
"Infidel! Bow before your Mozzer!"
by itcreaks June 28, 2004
towniespeak, to look at somebody in a bad way, most commonly used as an excuse to start a fight
A "girl she is giving me evils!!! hey you! you got beef wi' me or summink?!!!"

B "no, just just lost my contact lens..."

A "what?!! you callin' me a liar now???!!! don't you go direspectin' me!!! i'm gonna smash your ugly fucking face in, you dirty little whore!!!!!!"

B *is not a townie and therefore *runs away**

(and yes, i have seen that happen before...)
by itcreaks June 29, 2004
very like ordinary chocolate brownies but with "special" ingredients. not to be left around people with the munchies.
"wooooooooo, these brownies are totallllly cooooooooool" *everything suddenly becomes very funny*
by itcreaks June 28, 2004
originates from: when a woman gets older, her breasts shrivel up and arse blooms out, giving her a figure shaped like a pear

means: its all gone wrong

see also: tits up
"oh bloody hell, its all gone pear shaped"
by itcreaks June 28, 2004
a townie term for violence
"There will be Beef."
by itcreaks June 28, 2004

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