The absolute definition of evil is the rebellion agenst God, not god- God.
Sin is evil because it is the rebellion agenst God. Macs are also evil.
by lidphi February 10, 2007
A song by Interpol from their second album, Antics. It has the trademark cryptic and creepy lyrics that Interpol fans know and love,as well as having the weirdest music video ever.
Sandy, why can't we look the other way?
by AnarchyStar March 01, 2005
adj. describes something that obeys rules without humanity, or without paying attention to specific nuances or situations.
The evil Patriot Act allows people to be detained without trial.
by TiberiusJulius February 05, 2005
Something sinful; comes naturally to humans (despite claims that "people are basically good at heart"). The opposite of love and good. Something in opposition to God's plan for all. A negative or DESTRUCTIVE rather than creative force. Doesn't neccessarily have to be an act; "he had evil in his heart".
sin is evil.
by jellibene October 17, 2003
intj. Said when something you don't like happens or is mentioned.
Internet Explorer? Evil!
by The Grammar Nazi December 09, 2001
Anyone or anything against your personal beliefs, ethics, or motives.
Most people would say that serial killers are evil because they purposely cause harm. From their eyes though, their victims would be the evil ones with them in the right.
by Zach Drahbege February 09, 2008
See Lawyer (AKA Spawn of Satan)
Lawyers: the cause of all of lifes problems, shame on all the idiot parents that want their kids to become one. Lawyers are pure evil
by A Gorilla July 09, 2007
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