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4 definitions by MarigoldP

The hair that grows around the genitals. They are more thick and coarse than the hair that grows on your head or any other parts of your body you can name.
Men and women sometimes prefer to shave their pubes.
by MarigoldP December 21, 2010
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(n) a chronic and usually hereditary sleep disorder in which the person affected will suffer spontaneous bouts of sleep (or "sleep attacks") during the day. Symptoms include: extreme sleepiness, typically followed by sleep attacks and last for fifteen minutes; dream-like hallucinations; sleep paralysis, where you cannot move when you start to fall asleep or just after you wake up; and cataplexy, which is an abrupt loss of muscle tone (basically, your muscles "fail you").

The disorder is not fatal, but can be depending on the situation you find yourself having a sleep episode. There is no cure for narcolepsy at the moment.
For more detailed information on narcolepsy, visit a medical site.
by MarigoldP July 14, 2012
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Thank You
You're Welcome
Excuse Me
May I have that, please?
Thank you!
You're welcome!
Excuse me, may I pass?
by MarigoldP October 29, 2010
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Cliche movie villians
by MarigoldP November 01, 2010
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