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(n.) The raised seating place of a monarch

(n.) The toilet bowl

(v.) to make the leader.
The king sat on his throne and viewed his subjects

The "king" shat from his throne and poo'd his subjects

I was throned!
by Gumba Gumba July 12, 2004

1. the toilet

2. a toilet seat
The throne is not working right.
by Light Joker February 22, 2007
To put it Frankly, a Vagina. Not a Chair or anything else that throne could possibly be. Its a vagina. Think with your big heads. Pshhh
She better let me sit on her throne!
by Malicious Ben April 27, 2010
the male reproductive organ or penis
Yo shes so hot, I would so totally let her sit on my throne.
by jthomas928 May 16, 2010
Toliet paper applied to toilet seat prior to laying cable.
I had to build a huge throne on that bowl.
by zig April 23, 2003
- Three anorexic fags who like sticky caps.
- One fairy, one drummer w ith eyes that cave in, and one sexy guitarist beast in a Conneticut-based pop band. See Hanson.
- Incest.
- tHrOnE wants to fuck Davey Havok.
- One wears makeup and sticks his finger down his throat, one chopped his hair off, and the other is hot.
- Cousins & brothers doing it. They like to keep it in the family.
by caro millar March 06, 2005