The word "live" backwards.
Dude: "Man I love to live!"
Dyslexic Dude: "Get Away from Me you EVIL BITCH!"
by Corbinface February 02, 2011
see barney,omochao.
omochao and barney are evil
by lan hikari September 14, 2003



Plankton is EVIL.
by Spongebob Squarpants III October 29, 2009
my g/f's mother
by I hate fakes August 04, 2003
That's evil, it makes you seem so Mortala
by Sheketai December 29, 2011
evil=live good good
to live equates to evil.
by douglas baxter December 07, 2007
Molesting those young boys was an evil thing to do.
by GladImnotone April 01, 2004

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