1.) any actions or thought that goes against the persons self-chosen moral system.

2.) a consious being that is out to destroy, break apart and dysbalance a system of mutual correspondance.

3.) to go against the mainstream and populair culture, by creating and adhering to a moral system that is outside the bounds of accepted conduct by the mayority of the dominant culture.
(christian girl)why do you think christians are evil?
(Atheist girl) because you christian spread the gospel of love and tolerance, yet its a well know fact that the most cases of murder, rape and abortions happen in christian communities. you are all hypocrites.

2.)I hate you because you are better then i me. i am going out of my way to destroy the relationship you have with your girlfriend by spreading nasty rumors about you sleeping around with other people.

(Christian) you are evil because you are not like me and you dont blow the cock of god every sunday.

(alternative) you are evil because you listen to shitty music and have a poorly defined moral system.

(atheist) you are evil because you belief in god and are not capable of creating your own moral sytem.
by Cro..Scream March 06, 2006
Utterly malignant; consisting entirely of ill-will. Also an anagram of vile, which is a related but not synonymous word. Commonly used in conjunction with such famous figurs as Stalin, Hitler, Satan, and Bush.
"Yeah, my English teacher is evil."

"Nazis are the most fucking vile, evil beings on earth. Except for the President."
by August Personage May 09, 2005
Malevolance. Concentrated visciousness. Mean on purpose. Nick.
Nick falling asleep while I'm reading. Nick tickling me with the intentions of continuing til I've peed my pants. Nick bugging me...just to bug me....all the time!
by Lucky February 12, 2004
Another word for 'kinky'.
Oh my god you can be so evil sometimes.
by John December 26, 2004
1a: the Practice of anti-good. Something malicious, maniacle, terrorizing, negative and addictive. (Such as Malicious Man, Terrible Ted, Mr. Maniacle, Negatron, and Agent Addiction)

1b: Melodee /"Melo-d" (see emo,vampire)
"Man, that sure was an evil thing he did."
"Indeed - that was truely Melodee."
by "Delicious Man" July 31, 2006
Evil is a word to describe myself, and my good friend Paul, whom will one day help me to blast apart continents and vaporize all other human life. What makes us different from evil doers like Hitler, is that we hate everyone equally.
You pathetic bags of filth will fall before my evil might!
by Jamith Delacroix January 05, 2005
Very, very bad. The opposite of good. Generally used to describe someone trying to take over/ blow up the world, or pro-lifers
That John McCain is evil, I'm glad he lost the election.
by probama August 24, 2009

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