Hitler, Osama, or Justin Bieber.
OMG, that guy is so Hitler! This would mean evil.
by Violetwolf May 01, 2011
1. Synonymous with Dick Cheney
2. Synonymous With Hillary Clinton
Dick Cheney is evil and I hate him.
by TheWindows2000Guy December 23, 2010
Molesting those young boys was an evil thing to do.
by GladImnotone April 01, 2004
hellbent on ruining everything. Opposite of good. not- um- nice.
pronuncijunctions' grandma.
Cliche movie villians
by MarigoldP November 01, 2010
See: Donald Rumsfeld

The only guy who would allow 9/11 to happen.
Donald Rumsfeld is evil as hell.
by Ounose April 24, 2009
Really cool, i.e. the opposite of itself, used in a similar way to wicked.

Heard on the streets of E14.
Those trainers are evil.
by Marcus May 31, 2004

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