hellbent on ruining everything. Opposite of good. not- um- nice.
pronuncijunctions' grandma.
A person who intentionally breaks someone's spirits and pretends to care for pure enjoyment.
Luke: Karen you are lovable and there's hope. I really do care.

Karen: OMG you do??!

Luke: AAAAHAHAHA hell no! What are you talking about? You're crazy!

Karen: WOW that was evil.
by fuckedoverandoverthx August 28, 2012
1. Synonymous with Dick Cheney
2. Synonymous With Hillary Clinton
Dick Cheney is evil and I hate him.
by TheWindows2000Guy December 23, 2010
Really cool, i.e. the opposite of itself, used in a similar way to wicked.

Heard on the streets of E14.
Those trainers are evil.
by Marcus May 31, 2004
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