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An eastern symbol for sexual pleasures beyond that which a human can give...aka godly sex.
"oh man i fucked that chick last night, was so good, she prbbly prayed to lord niven to get it that good"
by Bijou111 August 23, 2009
24 11
A mathematical expression equalling exactly one and one half (1 1/2).
"The plank of wood is niven feet long."
by Greg November 19, 2003
18 8
A male specimen who struggles to stick with one girl, He insists on giving himself options and is generally regarded to have a good physique. However many girls see through the "Niven cloud" and realise that niven is a total player and really only has one thing truthfully in mind, Sexual intercourse with as many females as possible in the shortest time possible.
person 1: God have you seen that guy?
person 2: yeh he's such a niven
Girl 1: Hell I saw through him ages ago... It doesn't last long
by VSCcheese October 22, 2011
10 5