Another word for good. In the same vein as "wicked".
Nick, that's proper evil mate, well done!

by robat October 07, 2007
Death. Doom. Despair. Bad things. Wickedness. Sadness. Depression, High School musical, etc.
Kate - Wow. High school musical would be so much less evil if it included death, doom, dispair and various other bad things instead of overly cheery disney channel characters.
by punky flamingo May 21, 2009
Zeb is an evil man.
by BILL31 June 02, 2010



The Dirty Bubble is EVIL!!!!
by metallkidd93 February 22, 2008
i think, is the absence of empathy
you are so evil because you are evil
by chris cf March 02, 2007
Somew one who enjoys commiting unspoken acts getting pleasure from it.
Saddam Husain.
Eric Cartman.

A ceriel rapist/murderer of innocent puppies and kittens.
by IsraAlien December 09, 2003
We prefer the term 'Alternative System Of Morality'.
Girl 1: You are so evil!!!
Girl 2: Nah, I just have an Alternative System Of Morality.
Girl 1: Maybe you're just weird...
Girl 2: That's the Alternative System Of Morality kicking in.

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