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All people whose existence the speaker deigns to acknowledge. Generally limited to those with similar interests and vocabulary.
Everybody knows that Super Metroid is the greatest game ever made. (everybody = video gamers who have played Super Metroid, whose favorite genre is the adventure-platformer)

Everybody lost money in the dotcom bust. (everybody = investors in the dotcom bubble)
by Logical Dash February 09, 2006
21 6
a person who is versatile in various fields.
He is a composer, a singer, a musician, a painter, a dancer and what not. In fact, he is an everybody.
by uttam maharjan September 19, 2010
1 5
Something that they sing on homestarrunner.com in the theme song.
Everybody! Everybody! Eveybody! La de do da do.
by Josh August 02, 2003
4 13