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Amazing English thrash metal band, formed in 2004 by brothers Matt (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ol Drake (lead guitar), Mike Alexander (bass) and Ben Carter (drums)

Current discography:
All Hallows Eve (EP) -2004
Hell Demo - 2006
Enter the Grave (first full-length album) - 2007
Infected Nations (LP) -2009

A really great, very talented band (especially the drummer) Reviving classic thrash, they kinda sound like a big amalgam of Metallica, Slayer and Exodus, which can't possibly be a bad thing can it?!

Any fans of thrash should definitely check their stuff out
Jack: Hey, did you check out Evile's Enter The Grave?
Mike: No, should I?
Jack: Hell yes!
Mike: *has an eargasm*
by CandleJackR1104 September 19, 2009
The most evil kind of evil. Evil, in fact, with an added "e", which stands for "evil".
"Did you see that homeless guy kick that puppy? Darn, he's evile."
by Womble April 25, 2005
N; The most vile, despicable form of evil. Makes Dracula queasy sort of evil.
That guy just ordered the last Taco Bell 1/2 Pound Beef and Potato Burrito (r)! That's!
by The Coolest One November 29, 2004
1) A combination of the words evil and vile. Used to describe something particularly horrendous.

2) (e-vile) a disgusting email.
"He was so evile that he..."

"Why would you send me such an evile message?"
by Kiieru July 10, 2008
An stupid representation of evil, in which one tries to be evil at no avail, thus becoming a clown.

Normally called the crimson of a post,
for killing the true meaning of evil.

have you seen that post is so E-vile.
by Shiaru February 14, 2009
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