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A very talented young man, very attractive and muscular. One of the bravest men you will ever meet and capable of anything due to his confidence. Ladies are usually thrilled when they hear about this man because he is down to earth and friendly but can have one heck of an attitude.
Joaquin Phoenix, leonitis
by jt0158 April 07, 2011
A very handsome, attractive outgoing guy. He is very good with relationships and will never let you down. He is courageous and will never turn down a challenge. He is as slick as an assassin but can also be moody at times.

His name also goes very well with Marissa.
That guy is so awesome ! its almost as if he is a Joaquin !
by Joaq April 15, 2013
A funny, lovely and beautiful boy, who loves sport. He is a very good friend. Any girl will be lucky to have him(Me).
Joaquin is my boyfriend
by Isa123 March 16, 2015
Joaquin (pronounced Wa-keen) A slang term used in the South of England for flatulents or farting.
Shaun just cracked a stinking Joaquin.

Or. somethings smells, who Joaqined ?
by toplad2012 May 14, 2012
to act spaced out or refuse to answer questions
Dude, that chick just totally joaquined you.
by Kcraze February 25, 2009
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