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A man or woman who is the dominate one in an relationship. Opposite of being a Beecher.

2. A dangerously sexy man
Im the Keller in this relationship!

My last boyfriend was sooo Keller
by ellipher March 17, 2009
A super sexy actor best known for his role as inmate Tobias Beecher on the HBO show OZ where he frequently made out with super sexy actor Christopher Meloni (they were lovers on the show) He also was in the HBO series Generation Kill
girl: whose that hot guy who kisses Christopher Meloni on OZ

other girl: that is the adoreable Lee Tergesen
by ellipher October 28, 2008
any sex that happens on the TV show Law and Order or its spinoffs
On SVU in the episode Annihilated Stabler doink doinked his wife and got her pregnent

I wish Elliot and Olivia would doink doink already
by ellipher March 17, 2009
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