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3 definitions by BTMNKY

Adjective - used to describe somebody who is acting in a comically idiotic manner.
Billy looked like such a fucking doink when he smacked his head on that shelf before.
by BTMNKY January 12, 2004
(1) a person who is acting in an idiotic manner, and annoying virtually everybody within a five-mile radius.

(2) a woman or man without any arms or legs - a stub for fucking.
(1) Christ, Jimmy is such a fucking fuckstub, I wish someone would cosh him in the teeth.

(2) Yeah, I went down to that cripples ward, found myself a fuckstub to take home with me.
by BTMNKY January 12, 2004
Boss city, shame about the scallies. Fuckin dozy-arse bastards that they are. Oh well. Love the place otherwise. Good music scene (and no, I don't mean The Coral and all them shite bands).
Eyyy laaaaaaaa, gizz a bifter kidderrrrrrrr! A'm pyarrrrr buzzin off deez eckies!!!
by BTMNKY January 12, 2004