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someone who can't really type properly, constantly screwing up, but are really fast great typists, just mess up which hand. not dyslexic in real life.

a person with typing dyslexia is typing dyslexic (though they might say it typing dixleysc).
Jessi took 81 tries to type OCD ALERT last night, she has such typing dyslexia.
by SVU~FREAK February 13, 2006
The best sound ever. Plays during the Law & Order series, including...

1. The Mothership
2. SVU
3. CI
4. TBJ (cancelled now)
June 18, 2006
Special Victims Unit Squadroom
*doink doink*
by SVU~FREAK March 01, 2006
to change oneself in order to imitate the look, style, gestures, ideas, or mindset of Bonetti.
Jessi and Molly spent all afternoon trying to bonettify their hair.
by SVU~FREAK February 13, 2006
a mental disorder that is a combination of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). usually found in young teens. stands for Attention Compulsive Deficit Complex. basically, it is someone who can't listen for a long time and washes their hands a lot.
Jessi has such AC/DC!!!
by SVU~FREAK February 13, 2006
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