A french slang which describes having a large posterior. In english it would be the same as the terms "J-Lo ass", "ghetto booty", or more commonly "fat ass"
"Regarder cette fille, elle a un cul-de-sac" (translates to 'Look at that girl, she has a fat ass')

"Je suis désolé pour vous dire que votre amie a un cul-de-sac (translates to 'I'm sorry to tell you that your girlfriend has a fat ass')
by JtothaC March 12, 2005
A magic bag.
A bag that has magical properties.
that a midget can live in, if he is also magic.
"I live in a cul-de-sac"
"really? that is a magic bag."
"holy shit, you are right, I am amazed, as it is so spacious."
by Air de souza September 16, 2005
When you stick your scrotum in a girl's vegina.
"I gave Amanda a cul-de-sac, and we ended up having to call the ambulance, because of.... a mishap."
by bigtones March 11, 2005
The secret meeting place of the Cult of the Sack. The name Cul-De-Sac is French for Cult of Sack, and is now commonly used to name small roads. These roads are really the meeting place of your neighborhood losers, who are undercover agents of the Cult of the Sack.
I came home late at night, and caught a glimpse of a Sack meeting held in our Cul-De-Sack
by Cult-of-the-Sack February 25, 2015

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