The secret meeting place of the Cult of the Sack. The name Cul-De-Sac is French for Cult of Sack, and is now commonly used to name small roads. These roads are really the meeting place of your neighborhood losers, who are undercover agents of the Cult of the Sack.
I came home late at night, and caught a glimpse of a Sack meeting held in our Cul-De-Sack
by Cult-of-the-Sack February 25, 2015
A surgically created man-gina for a tranny; When a man "culls" his sac and adds a fake route for lost drivers. You can have a lot of fun testing out your ride in the culdesac, but it goes nowhere.
My boss had no fears of leaving his spawn in Thailand, all the he/she hookers sported culdesacs.
by Shemrick July 27, 2006
the place in a woman's vagina which is the spot where you can't go in any further whether with an inanimate object or a penis.
"I was doing her last night and I hit her cul de sac which made her scream in pain."
by CC Girl August 02, 2009
When a man slowly goes bald and when looking down, resembles a culdesac.
Wow he is balding. Looks like a culdesac or the typical "Horseshoe Pattern."
by PEterssac July 14, 2006
after have sex wiZ a girl she's gonna be stick on you forever .it's a TRAP.
french expression .: cette fille !! c'est un veritable cul de sac !!
means that girl TRAP ME !! doesn't want to let me go anymore ! like a fuckin dead end in a road!!
by romain syd November 07, 2007
the balding part on top of a guys head...the balding part looks like a g-d damn cul-de-sac on a dead end street
The guy with the cul-de-sac is such a tool
by Mindy November 29, 2004
The small,sensitive area between a males dooky chute and his nut sac.
She licked my culdesac
by Meaty Bone June 05, 2005
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