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An abbreviation for the word conversation. To exchange thoughts with another person.
Jenna was telling me about this phonesex covo she was having with one of her co-workers who turned out to be a bi-sexual drag queen.
by ennius July 10, 2003
Short for conversation, usually used in text or instant messenging.
A)What are you doing?
B)I'm having a convo with my girlfriend on msn.
by conorschild December 21, 2005
Short for conversations
My convos with Danny are really awkward.
by purplechick84 May 23, 2009
The shortened version of conversation. Basically used by AIM freaks and people who speak leet
Dude, i think my girlfriend read our convo on my phone. She's gonna tear me a new one later!!
by Freakout666 September 29, 2008
1. Abbreviation for the word conversation
2. Mexican dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream and chocalate sauce with toppings on top and bottomings on the bottom. EX. sprinkles, gummi bears, bacon, cum, cherries
1. We definitely need to start a new convo.
2. Would you like to try a convo?
3. I totally owned that convo last night.
by asuihiauvogcacdhifgaiofvahiuiv April 05, 2010
Abbrevation from the word "Convoy" and used for long discussions via messenger type softwares where the discussion can become a long convoy of messages.
Wow, MJ just keeps building those convos on my IM.
by Tokyo Salaryman July 03, 2007
Short for "Convocation". The tri-weekly nationally broadcasted chapel service at Jerry Falwells' Liberty University.

All students are required to attend Convo three times a week and have seating sections inside the steal dome called "The Vines". There is a dress code and TV cameras. Approximately 6000 students attend Convo and World renound speakers such as Politicians and Scientists come to speak often.
"I get up every day to attend Convo, I love Jerry Falwell!"
by Thomual October 07, 2005

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