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5 definitions by RFN

An old British Royal Navy toast when women are not present. Refers to two things that are indispensible to maritime warriors.
Gentlemen, raise your glasses. To Cunt and Gunpowder. A sailor's two best friends.
by RFN October 19, 2008
93 10
A British military expression/acronym standing for, "person of no tactical importance." Usually restricted to combat service support troops such as supplies, engineering maintenance and other non-combat troops. American equivalent is REMF

Used to describe someone of little use, neither use nor ornamnet
That man couldn't find his arse with both hands. He's a complete ponti.
by RFN March 05, 2008
27 5
Medical acronym. Stands for Just Plain Fucking Run Out Of Gas.

Used to describe patients for whom the end is near.
Mrs Smith in bed 8? JP Frog I'm afraid.
by RFN February 24, 2008
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the rectum/ anus as used by homosexuals. Reference is to faeces and a blind ended passage. Cadbury refers to British chocolate manufacturer.
Is your Joey going out with a girl? No, he prefers the Cadbury cul de sac.
by RFN February 22, 2008
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Acronym. Stands for Shoot And Buy ANother One. Shorthand veterinary term for ill/ diseased pet animal that owners are, more politely, advised to have put down/put to sleep/ euthanised. Can also be used outside vet medicine to describe a useless or irritating person
"Was that Mrs Smith with Tiddles the cat? Yeah, 14 years old, diabetic and incontinent. Complete sabano in my opinion."

by RFN February 22, 2008
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