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Democratic National Committee
Todd: I didn't know Barack Obama belonged to a racist church and goes out of his way not to wear an American lapel pin.

Chuck: Are you sorry you voted for him?

Todd: Yeah.

Chuck: Call the DNC and tell them you changed your mind.

Todd: Thanks! I will!

Chuck: Dumbass.

by Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. March 14, 2008
Does Not Compute

Communicates a total lack of understanding for the current state of affairs.
Dude A:

"Hey man, I just finished my new time machine and went back 100 years and accidentally killed my great grandfather"

Dude B:

"Then how the hell are we even having this conversation, DNC!"
by amoqe June 05, 2009
DNC definition; Democratic National Committee. They are considered by millions of Americans as Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.
1. The 2008 DNC "selected" the democratic nominee over "electing" the candidate with the popular vote.
2. Florida residents take heed, you should insist on paying half your taxes since your only half a person in the eyes of the DNC.
DNC stands for Definitely Not a Crap.
A "crap" is an attractive girl. When you see them you say, "oh, crap."
So when the term DNC is used, you are referring to an unattractive woman.
Josh - "Hey, Chris you see that chick?"
Chris - "Yea man, shes a DNC"
by Jua117 August 24, 2011
Initials for: "Dude, Not Cool". A quick way to express annoyance or anger with a friend or associate when their stupidity or incompetence has reached a level that has left you without words, or is otherwise unacceptable.
Joe: Hey, Mike! I saw Matt's daughter with some of her friends at a club last night. I would totally hit that.

Mike: Don't ever tell him that story. You shouldn't have even told me; that's a total 'DNC'.


Josh: Dude, last night at dinner, I accidentally told my mom that you had a crush on her.

Pete: What the fcuk? DNC.
by Aresram May 16, 2009
Democratic National Convention.
The DNC is next week. These conventions are pretty much like preaching to the already converted.
by Athena Kay September 09, 2004
Abbreviation for "do not care".
My mom told me to clean up my room because it was an eyesore, but I was like, "Whatevz. DNC gurl..."
by Mattyface August 10, 2007

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