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The emotional state of increasing anger resulting in verbal or written rants about poorly written news articles, misleading headlines, and biased reporting.
James' news-rage was bang on the money about that terrible article in the Herald this morning.
by Springbok27 February 21, 2009
Hermiverous is a positive and negative superlative word used to indicate either extreme elation or woefulness depending on the context.
Natalie Portman is hermiverous (really hot).
That cake was totally hermiverous (delicious)!
Dude, I was totally hermiverised last night at the party (drunk and having a great time).
Don't play your music so loud!, I am totally hermiverised this morning (I have a hangover).
Today is going to be hermiverous (about to go out on a boat on a hot sunny day).
If you don't get out of my way, asshat, I'm gonna hermiverise your face (bash your face in).

by Springbok27 February 21, 2009
An article is labeled as being in Goff Corner if it is an article in a mainstream newspaper on a topic of some significance (e.g. an important political issue) where the emphasis may not suit the 'party line' of the newspaper; and thus the article is to be found on a page somewhere in the middle of the section at a position in the bottom corner of the page, surrounded by a large advertisement (usually for a car company) on one side and with an article, of marginal (or lower) importance, above.
I'm in a state of news-rage after seeing Osama bin Laden relegated to Goff Corner in today's Washington Post.

Did you see that John Howard was in Goff Corner of the Sydney Morning Herald today?

George W. Bush can't get out of Goff Corner in the New York Times now that he's no longer the President.
by Springbok27 February 24, 2009
LPU is an acronym standing for Last Person Up. The LPU is the last person to go to bed and is often characterized by being someone who enjoys taking lots of recreational drugs to stay awake.

May also suffer from severe FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), hence why they need to stay up the longest.
Gerry: Hey bro, I'm tired and the sun's coming up, we should probably go to bed.
Fergus: Nah, whatever dude, I'm going for a kayak in the estuary. I'm the LPU again!
Gerry: Fair enough.
by Springbok27 January 09, 2011
A conversation cul de sac is the term used to describe the annoying and/or awkward situation that stupid people end up in when talking to a much smarter person. You can subsequently describe either the person or the situation as conversation a cul de sac.
Example 1
As a personal description
"Hey Dan, you meet Gemma the other night? She's is a total conversation cul de sac - every time you try and talk about current events, travel or something else interesting, she manages to make reference to E channel, the Kardashians or Grey's Anatomy."

OR as a situation description
"Hey Dan, I walked into a total conversation cul de sac talking to Gemma last night about the fucking E channel, the Kardashians or Grey's Anatomy."

Example 2
As a personal description
"Hey Jess, you talk to Roger last night? He's a total conversation cul de sac - he just can't seem to hold a conversation on anything other than basketball. For fuck's sake the season's not for three more months - he's so annoying!

OR as a situation description
"Hey Jess, I felt like I was watching a VHS that kept rewinding after 30s last night talking to Roger. It's like walking into a conversation cul de sac over and over again with that guy."
by Springbok27 August 09, 2013
Rovefest is an alternative holiday to Christmas Day that is celebrated on the 25th of December to commemorate the birth of Karl Rove. It is not a genuine celebration of Karl Rove, but a satirical celebration that takes advantage of the hilarious coincidence that he shares a birthday with Jesus Christ and is therefore designed to mock the reinvigoration of conservative American politics of which Karl Rove has been a major architect.
Rovefest is typically characterised by a night of singing, dancing and vote-rigging of a wet T-shirt contest (or any other such contest in the spirit of Rovefest).
Forget stocking-stuffing and get ballot-box stuffing! It's Rovefest!

The date for Rovefest has now been set in stone, like a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Those who choose to abstain after being invited to Rovefest shall be blackballed, overtaxed, civilly-united and condemned to eternal damnation.
by Springbok27 February 21, 2009
Acronym for Fear of Sobering Up. Someone who has FOSU may begin their drinking with Bloody Mary's over breakfast just to ensure they're never sober.

People suffering from FOSU often use boring people as a reason to get drunk in the first place.
Reginald: Dave, I'm hungover.
Dave: Hair of the dog, mate.

Reginald: Yeah, fair enough... Can you fix me a Bloody Mary or a Gin and Tonic? I don't wanna be sober around these other asshats.
Dave: Bro, you've got a hardcore case of FOSU.

Reginald: Yeah, but have you been trapped in a conversation with Betty or Rachael recently? It's like listening to an orchestra of cats.
by Springbok27 January 09, 2011
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