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Morality with loopholes.
Everyone agreed that the Congressman's conduct was morally repugnant and his excuses were intellectually dishonest, but the facts did not support an ethics violation.
by J. Gramitt February 08, 2007
The knowing of the difference between right and wrong. A set of moral principles.
bosses, lawyers, and politicians have no knowledge of ethics. Or they just don't give a fuck.
by AYB October 18, 2003
The adorable belief that our actions ultimately matter. 
It's absolutely essential that you (insert action) and you must always avoid (insert action), because if you violate these ethics (insert an ultimately meaningless outcome).
by fragilex1 November 26, 2011
A philosophical area of investigation where the same people who argue that there is no reason to believe in god seem to think that there is a set of universally binding principles that define just actions from unjust actions.
Professor: Utilitarianism is a great ethical theory.
Student: What reason do we have to believe that there is a such thing as ethics?
Professor: Utilitarianism is a great ethical theory.
by Aleph Null June 08, 2004
The best way to ensure that your business endeavors will never turn a profit.
The company stressed ethics over growth, so the government refused to bail them out.
by croato87 January 20, 2009
Not running off with your ex's best friend
If you post naked pictures of yourself on the internet, you have no ethics
by johnsee June 03, 2003
Plural of ethic.

The sum of a set of moral beliefs.

etiquette; morality; values
That criminal has a really bad sense of ethics.
by Jon Davis January 13, 2004
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